Sadie Dupuis Poetry Reading at Subrosa – January 29, 2019

Sadie Dupuis reading at Subrosa

Sadie Dupuis reading at Subrosa

You may recall from my last post dated February 6, 2019, I caught my first performance at anarchist collective Subrosa featuring Horrible/Adorable. I was back at Subrosa a few days later for an evening of poetry. The big draw for me was Sadie Dupuis, of Speedy Ortiz fame, who has been doing readings in support of her new collection Mouthguard. To be honest, I hadn’t been to a poetry reading in decades, but I really liked it. Hearing the words read aloud really brings them to life in a way that reading them doesn’t.

There was an intimate group of 20 gathered in the ‘Anarchist Library’ for this evening of poetry. Chestina Craig was the first poet to read, and her poems were very personal, dealing with personal trauma and natural beauty. Her poems were lovely and very moving. The second poet was Jason LaCour, who had more of a hip hop poetry style. Jason has a very beautiful energy, and his poems ranged from political rants to self encouragement and parenthood.

Finally Sadie was up to bat. Now I have been a fan of Sadie since my first Speedy Ortiz show back in 2015 or so. I think she’s a very cool human and a great musician. She also has a great, resonant voice, and I could probably be happy listening to her read a restaurant menu. But lo and behold she’s a genius poet as well! The poems in Mouthguard are smart, sometimes clever, but they also cut to the quick with a sudden turn of phrase. These mostly short poems appear to be referential, yet the words are sliced on the diagonal leavings things a bit open to interpretation. In short, my kind of poem.

If you get the chance to catch one of Sadie’s readings, I highly recommend it, as I do this fine collection of poems.

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