I’m feeling at a scattered with my web business plan. I have so many areas where I could be working, and I don’t know which one, or which ones to focus on. I have several web sites that I could be either creating, or improving. I have two major technology areas (WordPress and Javascript) that I really want to learn. I keep thinking about creating a cohesive online campaign to market Noelle’s book, and that howto book I saw recommended on Amazon.

I guess I will just have to do some prioritization around all these areas. I do have a strong instinct that I need to be spending close to half my time actually designing things, whether in actual html/css or using a drawing program, since this is in some way the master skill to which all the other skills must be subservient. That is to say, if my web sites look like crap, I will not be able to sustain business, even if I know a lot of fancy javascript and CMS stuff.

Adding A Theme

Daniel adds a free theme to GBG Blog.

So, in the spirit of learning by doing, I grabbed a theme and slapped it on this here blog. I went to the WordPress themes page and downloaded the popular and highly configurable Atahualpa theme. It seems to have a big user community, and lots of options.

What do you think of it? In it’s default state, it’s kind of funky. I actually like the really clean, boring default theme more. But this is more about understanding the options that are available, and how to access them, rather than having a clean, yet boring blog. Since this blog is really just my own notes and not of interest to anyone, except perhaps spammers, at the moment.

Source of Inspiration

In which I exude about the web design skills of Paul Burgess.

Stumbled upon the website of Paul Burgess while looking for inspiration for a project I’m working on. He’s a web designer from England who did Miss Aniela’s web site, among many others. I have  become an instant fan of his work. His sites are visually pleasing (dare I say arresting), yet they are elegant, functional, and free of pointless window dressing. Unlike so much of the stuff you see on Smashing Magazine and places like that.

Most of his sites seem to be WordPress based, and he talks about making it easy for clients to update or add their own content, which is exactly how I imagine doing it — once I learn how. So much I need to learn both technically and artistically to be able to work in that way. But it is exciting to find a model or source of inspiration to keep me on track in my dreams of web design excellence.

Makes me think I ought to start studying WordPress right away and perhaps table the Javascript book I’ve been reading. I do totally want to learn Javascript, but it may not be quite as much on the critical path to where I’m going. I can probably just grab some free code if I need any Javascript enhancements, at least for the time being. But I really feel that learning WordPress, and designing with WordPress would open up a lot of possibilities.