I’m feeling at a scattered with my web business plan. I have so many areas where I could be working, and I don’t know which one, or which ones to focus on. I have several web sites that I could be either creating, or improving. I have two major technology areas (WordPress and Javascript) that I really want to learn. I keep thinking about creating a cohesive online campaign to market Noelle’s book, and that howto book I saw recommended on Amazon.

I guess I will just have to do some prioritization around all these areas. I do have a strong instinct that I need to be spending close to half my time actually designing things, whether in actual html/css or using a drawing program, since this is in some way the master skill to which all the other skills must be subservient. That is to say, if my web sites look like crap, I will not be able to sustain business, even if I know a lot of fancy javascript and CMS stuff.

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