‘Nother New Look

Hey folks, welcome to the unveiling of my new gothic look for girlbandgeek.com. What do you think. Yes, I know it looks like “Girlbandgeef” — the masthead still needs work. But I think it’s good enough for now, and I can make incremental improvements as we go.

Just got back from the new Star Trek movie — my son’s pick for celebrating his 12th birthday. It was a pretty darned good movie. Many tips of the hat to folks like me who grew up watching the original series, but the boys all enjoyed the good story and plenty of action. Worth checking out.

Sorting My Online Empire

I’m trying to consolidate the number of sites upon which my web presence is sprawled out. I have danieloxenhandler.com which will be my web developer url, and has a theme I designed which I like.

I have this site, the girlbandgeek.com/blog url which will be my personal blog/web site for things not related to web design or work. I think I will stop adding to my blogger site girlbandgeek.blogspot.com, and direct people to girlbandgeek.com instead.

Finally, for anything related to network engineering or security I can just use LinkedIn. I need to maintain a presence there anyway, and I can do everything I need related to marketing my job skills with that tool.

Sound like a plan? Next I have to come up with a new look for girlbandgeek.com. Have no ideas right now, except I’m thinking about black background with white letters. Maybe something with skulls (just popped into my mind)?