If you’re reading this page it means you are probably lost. Seriously. This blog is just an experiment for my self, to help me learn how to use the WordPress CMS. The content is basically my own notes and thoughts which I can’t imagine are of much interest to anybody else.

captured on Logitech webcam

However, let me say one or two words about myself. I am a 50 year-old network engineer. For the last year, I have been learning a little about web design with an eye to possibly making some extra cash, or, if I manage to get proficient, as a possible second career. This learning process has led me to WordPress, which impresses me as a very powerful yet easy-to-use system for building sites.

I live in the woods near Santa Cruz, CA with my wife, two children, and various pets. When I am not geeking out, I enjoy playing the guitar, listening to hot girl bands, and spending time with my family. If you wish to get in touch with me, just visit the handy contact page.

Thanks for stopping by!

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