Tancred to Release Nightstand

I first saw Tancred a couple years ago at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz. They opened for Speedy Ortiz, and put on a dynamite performance. After their set I said hi to Jess, and complimented them on their performance. She said it was the first time performing their then new album Out of the Garden, so they were really stoked, which showed. Their latest album Nightstand is coming on June 1, but of course there are a couple of tracks out on Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp.

Tancred’s music is rocking and up tempo, but the feeling is both urgent and unsettled. The songs take you on an emotional journey. I have pre-ordered my copy, so you know what I’ll be doing come June 1. If you’re looking for some crunchy, emotional indie rock give Tancred a listen.

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