To do list

Hey. I decided to start keeping my web development notes here in my WordPress blog. It’s as good a place as any, and it will give me an excuse to start learning my way around WP.

Tonight I am thinking about the maintenance aspects of my web developer business. generating traffic reports. Thinking about SEO and those kinds of things. I think I will start by running stats on my three sites for the month of December. After that maybe I’ll jot down some notes about SEO if I have time.

SEO link suggested by Robert Scoble Pretty fascinating tool for coming up with key words to populate your meta data or whatever.

Okey dokey – til next time 🙂

Hello world!

So, this is going to be my WordPress blog. I thought that I should learn a little about WP, since it is such a hugely popular CMS.

So far I have just installed the product, and now, obviously, I am making my first post. Perhaps I will post generally on the topic of learning WordPress itself? Or perhaps I will mix in my daily musings and whatever.

I guess we’ll just see what develops.