Go ‘Bama!

Well, the sickening era of W is finally over, though it feels as if we’ve dug ourselves into such a deep hole that getting out will be very, very difficult. But not impossible. I am enough of an optimist to believe in that.

Anyway, for today’s effort I think I’ll make a cup of tea and study some Javascript. I feel like I ought work on  a new web page design, or do some biz development, but that seems too challenging. I’m feeling a little fried after a busy weekend and a day at the office. So a ‘scripting I go!


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2 or 3 Things For A Fresh WordPress Install

I had previously tagged this useful looking article with some basic steps to take on a new WordPress install. So I did a couple of the easist/most obvious to get myself going here.

  • I added an RSS feed to the sidebar
  • I changed the default admin user
  • I set the permalink style
  • I got a WordPress api key and enabled akismet spam filtering

I did not change the default theme. Maybe I’ll do that next. Of course I’d really like to design my own, but it doesn’t seem to be a priority at this moment.

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I’m Learning Javascript

Decided to read a book about Javascript. It seems like a pretty basic part of the web developer’s toolkit, if only for various cosmetic fix ups and so forth. Obviously I will probably discover tons of cool things I can do with javascript once I get going.

I do keep seeing zillions of references to libraries like jquery for adding a host of cool or useful features to your site like galleries, menus, cool visuals, etc.

Anyway, I’m reading Learning JavaScript, 2nd Edition by Shelley Powers. I am reading it for free online on Safari Bookshelf, a benefit of my Santa Cruz public library membership. It rocks.

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