The Aquadolls at the Catalyst December 11, 2019

The Aquadolls Band. Jackie on drums, Keilah on bass, and Melissa on guitar. Melissa is holding her guitar vertically while the band rocks out.

The Aquadolls on stage at the Catalyst

Hey folks, it’s another review from my backlog. Today’s performance for your consideration is The Aquadolls at the Catalyst Atrium in Santa Cruz. Date of this show was December 11, 2019. The Aquadolls are an adorable and rocking surf punk trio. They do a great, feel good live show. Go see them if you ever get the chance!

Openers Idle Joy were pretty good. Kinda Grateful Dead sound, but tight. And the singer was quite good. Next band, Getaway Dogs, was not so great.

The Aquadolls were pretty much magic from the moment they appeared on stage. The drummer Jackie got us all riled up before the first note. I really like how all three Aquadolls interacted with the crowd, and got a chance to sing.


    Guys Who Sk8
    Miss World (Hole Cover)
    Sick Sad Motherfuck
    Communication is Sexy
    I’m a star

The Aquadolls were just on point, and cute as bugs. Their energy and presence is so good live. Melissa did most of the singing, but all three sang. Sound was kinda surf punk. They can really rock out but they also have some great slower numbers. The audience showed them a lot of love. There was a cadre of 10 super enthusiastic women up in front that were having a great time, dancing and moshing which energized the performers. Very feel good experience.

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