Progress Report

I am a little frustrated with my (lack of) progress in my path as a web designer. I am finding it challenging on a number of levels – creatively and technically. Because I feel a little blocked, I am also frittering away the time I should be actually working on a site. But still, I am having my small successes.

I have been tinkering with the design of I think I figured out how to have a static home page for the site, and still have blog pages that are accessible from the sidebar menu. (Basically I followed this method.) I am still using the classic theme which is pretty random looking. But hey, at least that’s some progress.

Anyways, I guess I’ll just go back to studying the WP Codex and trying to understand how this glorious beast is all put together.  I need to find that page I found earlier in the Codex which linked to the “starter” themes which were adapted to modifying to fit one’s needs.

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