Winds of Change

I learned on Thursday that my position at Sprint has been axed. It’s been a great place to work for the last 10 (!) years, but it appears the time for new opportunities has come. I will certainly miss all the wonderful people I worked with, as well as the excitement of working with cutting edge (well, mostly) technology.

Winds of Change - Skyline Drive

Winds of Change - Skyline Drive

I’ll also miss my daily trips along Skyline Drive, with its spectacular views, weather and ever-changing driving conditions. On the other hand, I won’t miss the three hours of daily lost time, the gas expenses and my contribution to global warming.

I still have two weeks of work. After that I’ll have around 6 months of severance pay – thank God! I can begin looking for employment closer to home, as well as learning more about web design, of course. And I hope to some side projects for actual money in the next months, too.

Any suggestions for how to begin a job search in these troubled times?

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