Potty Mouth at the Rickshaw Stop March 27, 2017

Hey, new concert review here. I saw Potty Mouth last night at the Rickshaw Stop in SF. I ended up going by myself because I couldn’t find anybody else who wanted to spend Monday night watching a rock and roll show (buncha losers). I guess I wasn’t the only one, because the show was pretty lightly attended, or should I say “intimate”?

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Potty Mouth at the Rickshaw Stop

Openers Shutups were a three piece thrash punk kinda outfit from Oakland. I thought they rocked hard, and played with conviction. I liked them. As often happens to me, I like the first opener more than some of the subsequent bands. Tennis Systems played next, and they had a kind of cool new wave sound with vampy guitars and vocals with the echo turned up. But I felt they lacked conviction (this is my new word) and also the singer wasn’t that great IMO. The last band before Potty Mouth was Party Baby, who I guess were kind of co-headliners? Anyway, I decided that Party Baby wanted to be Bon Jovi with a big rock and roll sound and some good hooks. The lead singer looked like John Belushi, with a giant mass of hair. They weren’t really my thing, but they kind of won me over with their enthusiasm and cuteness.

Finally Potty Mouth took the stage. I should mention that this was the last show of a 5-week tour by Potty Mouth, Tennis Systems and Party Baby, so there was some emotion around that. Apparently they all got along, which I’m glad to hear. Two guys from Party Baby did join in on Potty Mouth doing “Long Haul”, which they also apparently helped write. However, somewhat dampening everybody’s enthusiasm was the fact that the audience had about 50 people in it. I mean, we were enthusiastic, but when the venue is like a quarter full, I guess the band maybe is not going to play every song in their repertoire.

I was sad that Damage and The Bomb, two of my favorites, were not in the set. What I jotted down (not complete) was Cherry Picking, Truman Show, Black and Studs, Long Haul and the Spins, which was the finale. There were two new numbers, Do It Again and 22, both of which rocked. The band kicked ass as I knew they would – they were loud, looked badass, and like they were having fun. She tended to be hidden behind front-person Abby, but Victoria the drummer kicks booty, and also sings backup which is cool. Ally the bass player is tiny on the other hand, but I love her playing and her rock and roll look. They didn’t credit the lead guitar player, but apparently they recruit different players to fill in for live shows. She definitely had the chops whoever she was.

I’m glad I made it to the show. I discovered Potty Mouth relatively recently, but I really like their music, and their attitude, and I’d like to seem them do well. Check them out if you get the chance!

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