Winds of Change

Girlbandgeek’s ten years as a network engineer with Sprint are coming to an end. Any suggestions?

I learned on Thursday that my position at Sprint has been axed. It’s been a great place to work for the last 10 (!) years, but it appears the time for new opportunities has come. I will certainly miss all the wonderful people I worked with, as well as the excitement of working with cutting edge (well, mostly) technology.

Winds of Change - Skyline Drive
Winds of Change - Skyline Drive

I’ll also miss my daily trips along Skyline Drive, with its spectacular views, weather and ever-changing driving conditions. On the other hand, I won’t miss the three hours of daily lost time, the gas expenses and my contribution to global warming.

I still have two weeks of work. After that I’ll have around 6 months of severance pay – thank God! I can begin looking for employment closer to home, as well as learning more about web design, of course. And I hope to some side projects for actual money in the next months, too.

Any suggestions for how to begin a job search in these troubled times?

A Random Picture

Random musings and a picture of the sun setting over the Pacific.

Here’s a picture taken with my new Palm Centro. It takes pretty decent pictures, especially considering my last phone lacked a camera entirely.

Skyline Drive Sunset
Skyline Drive Sunset

Anyway, it’s a typical Tuesday night. I finished up some web site mock ups and sent a link to “the client”. I have no idea what they’ll think.

I am ready to learn some more about WordPress. I have a lot of ideas how that could work for folks – like my cousin for starters. So much to do, so little time!

Plugging Away

I’ve spent the last 20 minutes or so studying the WordPress Codex, but I’m starting to lose my ability to focus. I didn’t get going on my web design study early enough. I had to order bluetooth headsets for my wife and I, answer some email and touch base with a few people on Facebook. Consequently I was too tired to make very much headway on my whole web developer project.

Tomorrow I’m talking to a women I know from work many years ago who has her own business consulting with companies on their online strategy. That should be interesting. I have discovered that there are lots of pieces to getting people on the web beyond just designing a web site. If people have a product, or a message, or something to sell — there’s a lot you can do to get more traffic. I’m interested in those aspects of the business, too. And it could be an additional asset I could bring to the table with potential clients.

Anyway folks, I think that’s a wrap. See you on the other side.