Should I Go To Burger Boogaloo 2017?

I attended Burger Boogaloo for the first time in 2016. I had tickets for both days, but ended up only going on Saturday. My faves that day were The Okmoniks, Psychedelic Pineapple, and Angry Samoans. Headliners that day were The Mummies who I found gimmicky and forgettable. But I thought it was a pretty kicked-back […]

‘Nother New Look

Hey folks, welcome to the unveiling of my new gothic look for What do you think. Yes, I know it looks like “Girlbandgeef” — the masthead still needs work. But I think it’s good enough for now, and I can make incremental improvements as we go. Just got back from the new Star Trek […]

Sorting My Online Empire

I’m trying to consolidate the number of sites upon which my web presence is sprawled out. I have which will be my web developer url, and has a theme I designed which I like. I have this site, the url which will be my personal blog/web site for things not related to web […]

Awesome WordPress Tutorial

Daniel learns more about WordPress themes, thanks to some awesome tutorials and resources.

Progress Report

Our hero is making some progress, but not much.